Administrator/CEO, Administrative Assistant, & Human Resources


Business Services

Admitting, Medicare Billing, Medicaid Billing, Commercial Insurance Billing, Private Pay, & Health Information



775-726-3121 (Caliente)

775-725-3364 (Alamo)


Services Offered: Prepares meals for patients and staff, dietary consultations.

The Dietary Department serves two purposes: 1) it provides nutritionally appropriate meals to in-patients and staff. 2) it provides special therapeutic diets to in-patients, as ordered by the physician. The Department works closely with the medical staff in providing quality patient care.

775-726-3171 ext. 135

General Accounting

Finance Controller, Payroll and A/P Clerk



Services Offered: Outpatient hours 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Mon. thru Fri. with Inpatient and Emergency testing 24 hrs/day.

We are currently staffed with two full-time General Supervisor level Medical Technologists, and one full-time Laboratory Assistant. The Laboratory is CLIA and State certified with the oversight of a visiting Licensed Laboratory Director Pathologist. The Laboratory offers a menu of in-house testing that is equivalent to most rural hospitals in Nevada, including CBC with auto differential, manual differential, Wintrobe Sedimentation Rate, Comprehensive Metabolic Chemistry Panel, Basic Metabolic Chemistry Panel, Hepatic (liver) Panel, Cardiac Triage Panel, CPK, LDH, Magnesium, Amylase, Protime, PTT, Strep screen, Mono test, H.pylori, C.difficile, Pregnancy test, Blood Banking with Transfusion service, complete Urinalysis testing with microscopic included and the Urine Triage Drugs of Abuse screen. The Laboratory is currently considering and evaluating equipment upgrades that will allow us to also perform Lipid Profiles, Hemoglobin A1C, microalbumin, and therapeutic drugs such as Digoxin, Dilantin, Theophyllin, and Tegretol. At a later date we intend to add TSH, PSA, T3-uptake, T4, Free-T3, and Free T4 to our menu as well. We enjoy being part of and providing service to the community of our home town, Caliente, and to all of our citizens in Lincoln County.

775-726-3171 ext. 125

Plant Operations

Maintenance, Housekeeping, & Laundry

775-726-3171 ext. 113


RN’s, LPN’s, & CNA’s

775-726-3171 ext. 110


Services Offered: Diagnostic X-Ray’s, CT Scans, MRI and Ultrasounds

The Radiology Department is equipped to provide diagnostic tests and studies. It has access to teleradiology equipment that x-rays can be transmitted to Desert Radiology who provides teleradiology coverage services 24 hours per day–7 days per week.

775-726-3171 EXT. 130

Respiratory Care

Services Offered: Complete arterial blood gas analysis, pulmonary funcion studies, metered-dose inhaler, etc.

Social Services

Social Services & Activities

775-726-3171 ext. 150